Minna Vainio Virtual Gallery




When I paint, the most important things for me are the colours and the atmosphere of the work I am creating. I use various shades of red, blue, ochre and yellow.

The source of my works is small moments in ordinary day and my dreams. I have also regularly returned to dancers and other female figures in my paintings.  A human, with all of her/his features, is always pleasing for me to portray. And on the other hand, the elements of the nature, especially the water. The interdependency between a human and a nature has fascinated me since childhood.

In the course of my career I have experimented with various styles and themes, ranging from realistic landscapes to charcoal drawings and collages. On the whole, however, you could say that the style I feels the most comfortable with has elements of styles such as surrealism and expressionism.

- Minna Vainio -